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December Special

Sign-up in December and get one month of training for FREE! We have no sign-up fees and we are proud of our hassle-free environment.

Come & Train With Us

Come and try one of our classes this holiday season. The relatively small number of people ensure that you’ll get personal attention and will not get lost in the crowd. You will also train with people of all skill levels, all belts, from white to black. If you’d like to train in a place with a great vibe and with people that care about each other’s progress, this is the place for you!

Limited Time Offer!

For a limited time only, sign up for an annual membership in the month October and pay ONLY $100 a month for unlimited training. Don’t miss this great opportunity to get some the highest level jiu jitsu training in the DC metro area for the lowest price. Stop-by and try one our classes today!

One More DCJJ Student Ends Up On The Podium

Congratulations to Miguel for placing third at the American Grappling Federation’s Maryland BJJ Championship in September! Proud to have students representing and having some silverware to show about it.

Miguel on the podium


Our September Special Promotion is Hard to Beat

All new blue belt students that sign up in the month of September will get TWO months of FREE training! All other new students that sign up in the same month will get a FREE Gi ($100 value) and a FREE month of training. You cannot beat offers like these! Don’t miss out…come and try one of our classes NOW.

DCJJ Dominates at Latest Copa Virginia Tournament

It was a great performance by DCJJ students at the latest Copa Virginia tournament in July in Sterling, VA. BJJ Revolution came in first place from all the teams that participated while DCJJ has came first among all the academies that competed with the most medals. Congrats to all who put in on the line and competed!

Jon winning his match

Drew and Lenny taking gold and bronze respectively

July Membership Special

All new students that sign up in the month of July will receive a FREE Gi ($100 value) and a FREE entry to one of our BJJ Camp sessions ($100 value as well) in early August (details on the BJJ Camp below). This is a great and inexpensive way to start your BJJ journey! Please contact us for more info.

Free Gi WIth Membership

Don’t Miss The Event of the Summer – BJJ Camp with Shaolin

If you ever wanted to train (Gi, No Gi, and MMA) with one of the all-time greats, without having to travel far…this the event for you. Don’t miss it! To register click here.

July 14th: Copa Virginia – Summer 2018 Jiu Jitsu Tournament in Sterling, VA

On Saturday July 19th, “Copa Virginia – Summer 2018 Jiu Jitsu Tournament” will take place in Sterling, VA. If you are looking for a well-run tournament that runs on time and offers cash prizes, Copa Virginia is the tournament for you! To register and for more info please click here.

Copa Virginia Flyer I

Copa Virginia Flyer II

Copa Virginia Jiu Jitsu Tournament – Ages 17 & Under

On Saturday May 19th, Copa Virginia will run a jiu jitsu tournament in Sterling, VA for athletes ages 6 – 17 years old. This is the first Copa Virginia exclusively focused for all Ju Jitsu practitioners under 18 years old. There will be regular and Grand Prize Divisions. For more info please click here.

Copa Virginia Ages 17 & Under

DCJJ Students Winning Some Medalware!!

In the last month or so we had two DCJJ students, Will and Jon, winning Gold medals at various jiu jitsu tournaments. Congratulations to both of them, they made us all very proud.

Jon – 1st place at Good Fight in Delaware

Will – 1st Place at IBJJF’s DC Open

April Special: Sign up & Get a FREE Month of Training & a FREE Gi

If you sign up in the month of April for our full-annual-membership (only $125 a month for unlimited training), you will get a FREE cool-looking-Gi and a FREE month of training! Don’t miss this opportunity, come and check out our classes now!

Kingz Basic 2.0 Gi

DCJJ Members Have Fun & Win Medals at Copa Virginia

It was great to see a good number of DCJJ students competing at the last Copa Virginia tournament in March. It was also great to see the rest of the team on the sidelines supporting and cheering for their teammates. Congrats to everyone who competed and put it on the line….and of course to all the medal winners….we had more than a few! Keep up the good work everyone!

DCJJ Crew at Copa Virginia

Morning Classes Start Next Week

Starting next week (Tuesday 27 February), every Tuesday and Thursday we will offer a jiu jitsu class 5:15am – 6:15am (drilling and sparring), for all early risers! Everyone is welcome – all affiliations. For non-DCJJ students there will a $10 drop-in fee. Please note that we might modify the starting time depending on demand.

Copa Virginia Jiu Jitsu Tournament

Don’t miss this great event! DCJJ will be there in full force!

Click here to register.

January Special Offer

Are you interested in learning Jiu Jitsu for the first time? Have you trained Jiu Jitsu in the past and would like to start practicing again? Sign up in January and get your first month for FREE! Our academy welcomes and accommodates all students, from beginners to the most advanced. Learn in a friendly and healthy environment that will push you to achieve your goals, whatever those maybe (fitness, weight loss, competition, self defense, etc.). Come and try out for a week for free.

DCJJ and BJJ Revolution Teammates Compete at Fight to Win 53

DCJJ’s own, Nic Furst, was selected to participate at the Fight to Win 53 pro-event in early November, in Frederic, MD. He had a very tough fight and made us all very proud. Also, congratulations to our BJJ Revolution teammate, Scott Dance, for winning his fight at the same event – in a very convincing fashion – a fight in which he had Dimitri coaching him! We are all very proud of both of you!

Nic Right Before His Match

Nic on top

Scott Dominating


October Special: Up to Two Months of FREE Training

First-time DCJJ members that sign up for our annual membership get some FREE training! All white belts that sign up in October get 1 month for FREE, while all blue belts get 2 months for FREE. Don’t miss this, visit us now!

September Special: Free Month of Training – Free Gi When You Sign Up

Our most popular special is back – only for the month of September!!  Become part of the DCJJ team and get a free month of training and a free gi. Affordable prices, quality instruction, great teammates, free month of training and a free gi…can’t beat this!

Free Gi WIth Membership

DCJJ/BJJ Revolution Wins Copa Arlington

DCJJ came first among all academies that competed at the Copa Arlington Jiu Jitsu tournament in July accumulating the most points. BJJ Revolution was also first among all other teams. A big thank you goes out to all DCJJ students who put it on the line, and the rest that came out and supported their teammates. Congrats to all! Keep up the good work!

John and Dimitri

Blue Belts Fighting

Medal Winners

Copa Arlington: A New DC Metro Area-Based Tournament

We are glad to have a locally based Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament again that offers Gi and No Gi fights. Dimitri Chrisos Jiu Jitsu Academy will be training hard for it and we are looking forward competing against the best jiu jitsu competitors the area has offer on Saturday, July 29th. Click link to register for event. Good luck to all involved!

May Special: FREE Month of Training and a FREE Gi When you Sign-up

Only for the month of May: Sign up for the a year and get a Free month of training and a Free gi. Over $260 in savings. Applicable for new students only. All levels are welcome!

Tatami Gi

Visitors & College Students: Short-Term Memberships Available

Are you visiting the area for a few weeks and looking for a place to train jiu jitsu? Are you a student who is back home for the summer and looking for a place to train as well? Are you looking for a place that is welcoming and affordable?

DCJJ Academy is the place for you! We offer short-term, customized, and affordable memberships that fit your needs. Don’t have a Gi with you? No problem. We will give you one for the time that you are here.

Please stop by or contact us for additional information.

Here is one of our testimonials.


Interview with one of our visitors, Stirling:

– What was your initial goal in finding a Jiu-Jitsu gym in the area?

– I just wanted to find the closest place to where I was staying to be honest with you. I just stumbled upon this place.

– How did you find it exactly?

– I found it off the Internet. I think it was 4 miles away, not even. I just showed up and I was welcomed in by Nick who told me to put on a gi immediately and I did. I was extremely out of shape out at the time and it was a little awkward too but, Dimitri could not have been any nicer, as well as Nick. I could tell it was a good group of guys from the beginning. Also, I had a goal to lose a lot of weight.

– Did you have any experience in Jiu Jitsu?

– Yes, I had some…I had some about 7 years ago.

– How long did you train for?

– I want to say a year-and-a-half

– So, you were a white belt?

– Yes, I was still a white belt.

– How long did train at Dimitri’s academy while you were visiting the area?

– I was there for 3 weeks.

– Did you need a gi or did you bring one with you?

– They provided one for me, which was huge. I showed up they immediately gave me a gi and I was good to go.

– What kind of an academy was it? Was it one that was based mostly on competition, or was it based mostly beginners? What did you think?

– I thought the academy and Dimitri in particular was accommodating to everybody, absolutely. The more you showed up and the more you committed, the more you got out of it. That was huge for me!

– Did you manage to hit your weight-loss goal?

– I lost 15 pounds in 3 weeks…and yes, I was able to compete as well and at the weight division that I wanted to.

–  Speaking of competing, did decide with three weeks of training to compete in a local tournament?  How come you decided that? Did you want to challenge yourself?

–  I wanted to challenge myself and I wanted to lose weight so I thought that was going to be a good incentive. Nick just planted the idea in my head from the beginning and Dimitri as well. I was questioning it but eventually I committed and they could not have been any better at catering to my positive sides and hiding my weaknesses.

– So how did you do in the competition? How was the experience overall?

– I won both my divisions no-gi and gi.

– So, I guess it would you won gold, double gold!!

– Yes, I could not have done it without Dimitri; that’s a hundred percent for sure. He was in my corner…he was on my side the whole entire time, coaching me to beat the other opponent. It was really impressive to see how committed Dimitri is.

– Do you think you were well taken care of for the time that you spend in the academy?

– I think I was spoiled!

– That is great! That is good to know.

– Is there anything you want to say to anyone that might be interested in visiting the academy in the future just like yourself? Anyone who might be visiting for work or for a vacation?

– Yes, come to Dimitri Chrisos Jiu Jitsu Academy and take one of Dimitri’s classes. Bring a gi or if you don’t have one, he will have one for you. It’s a lot of fun! Very welcoming people – good group of guys.

Stirling (on the left) with one of his gold medals

Multiple Time Pan American Champion Sharing his Knowledge

Rodrigo Medeiros shared all of the latest and greatest techniques that made him a multiple time Pan American Champion during his seminar at DCJJ. Looking forward to the next time Rodrigo visits us.

Spider Guard Pass

Leg Drag

Post-Seminar Group Photo