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Dimitri Chrisos Jiu Jitsu Academy offers group and private instruction in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the most complete ground fighting system and one of the fastest-growing martial arts in the world. We provide a friendly, respectful, clean and challenging environment where you can develop your technique and enjoy a sense of community with other martial artists.

Conveniently located in Chantilly, Virginia, our facility at the Virginia Martial Arts school has ample mat space, a weight training room, locker rooms and showers. For more information, please feel free to stop by during our regular class times or contact us via phone or email.

The emblem of the academy (flame on a palm)  represents the passing of knowledge. In Greek mythology the immortal Titan, Prometheus, gave the gift of fire (symbolizing knowledge and enlightenment) to the human race without the permission of Zeus, the leader of the Gods. For this transgression, he was punished by being chained on a rock on top of the Caucasus mountains, while an eagle feasted on his liver daily. Hercules eventually freed him from his bondage. The name Prometheus means “foreknowledge” or “fore-thinker.” In the same tradition we honor the creative art and “knowledge” of Jiu Jitsu that was passed down to us, and endeavor to pass it down to future generations.

About Dimitri ChrisosDimitri Chrisos

Dimitri Chrisos is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt under black belt Demetrius Ramos (Tucson BJJ) and a member of the BJJ Revolution Team (Carlson Gracie lineage). He has studied Brazilian Jiu Jitsu since 2001 and has taught since 2007. He is a US Air Force Veteran.

  • 1st at the 2015 NY BJJPRO: Black Belt-light weight division (Master II)
  • 3rd at the 2015 NY BJJPRO: Black belt-absolute division (Master II)
  • 2nd at the 2015 Arizona Classic: Black belt-light weight (Master II)
  • 2nd at the 2015 Arizona Classic: Black belt-absolute division (Master II)
  • 3rd at the 2014 World’s No-Gi: Black belt-middle weight division (Master II)
  • 2nd at the 2012 Pan Ams: Brown Belt-light weight division (Senior 1)
  • 3rd at the 2011 NY Open: Brown Belt-light weight division (Adult)
  • 2nd at the Jan 2010 Copa Nova: Brown Belt-under 170lbs division (Adult)
  • 1st at the 2008 World’s No-Gi: Purple Belt-absolute/open weight division (Master)
  • 3rd at the 2008 World’s No-Gi: Purple Belt-light weight division (Master)
  • 2nd at the 2008 Pan Ams: Purple Belt-light weight division (Master)
  • 1st at the 2007 Pan Ams: Blue Belt-light weight division (Master)
  • 2nd at the 2006 Pan Ams: Blue Belt-light weight division (Master)
  • 3rd at the 2006 Arizona Open: Blue belt-light weight division (Adult)

About Demetrius Ramos

Photo: Demetrius RamosCarlson Gracie Black Belt Demetrius Ramos was born in Brazil and was introduced to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at age 16. In 1992, he joined the academy of Prof. Gutembergue Melo, a Carlson Gracie black belt. Demetrius trained hard for many years and had the privilege to roll with many of the best from the Carlson Gracie team: Liborio, Amaury Bitetti, Murilo Bustamonte, De La Riva, Carlao Barreto, Minotauro and Carlson Gracie Jr. as well as the man himself, Carlson Gracie Sr.

Demetrius came to the United States in 1998 to attend the University of Arizona while continuing his training and competing with notable success in Jiu Jitsu tournaments in Arizona and California. He began training with Rodrigo Medeiros, a Carlson Gracie Sr. black belt on the Carlson Gracie Team, earning his brown belt and then his black belt after 5 years as a brown belt and winning the PanAmerican in the Middle-Heavy weight brown belt division.

Having been linked to Carlson Gracie from the beginning of his career, Demetrius is very loyal to the Carlson Gracie/BJJ Revolution team. He firmly believes promotion only comes when well-earned through hard training and competitive achievement in tournaments. His students work hard, but they train with the best.

Dimitri Chrisos Jiu Jitsu

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