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Congrats Kali and Fernando on your wedding!

DCJJ students Fernando and Kali tied the knot last weekend among numerous team members who celebrated the event in style. It was a pleasure to be part of such an important event in their lives and we wish them nothing but the best! The DCJJ tradition of couples’ Jiu Jitsu lives on!

Kali and Fernado's wedding

Kali and Fernado’s wedding

Farewell Stephanie and Brent

The academy wished Brent and Stephanie farewell as they are moving to Northern California. Their dedication, technique, and amazing friendship will be missed by everyone. They will always be part of the DCJJ family!

Brent & Steph's farewell 1

Brent & Steph’s farewell 1

Brent & Steph's farewell 1

Brent & Steph’s farewell 1

Great Seminar and Congratulations to All Who Got Promoted!

Congratulations to Joseph, Paul, Philippe, and Troy for getting promoted right after a great seminar by Professor Demetrius Ramos! It is always an honor to promote my students in front of my instructor and listen to his advice. Thank you all for your support!

Promotions Jul 2014

Promotions Jul 2014

Professor Demetrius Ramos’ Visit and Seminar

Professor Demetrius Ramos will be visiting our academy at the end of this month (28 Jul to 2 Aug). He will be teaching classes that week, and conducting a 2 hour go seminar on Wed 30 July for $55. Don’t miss the opportunity to train, learn from, and roll with Professor Ramos! Everyone is welcome. Dema seminar info


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